Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in London, KY

There’s a less invasive alternative to sewer repair and replacement! Contact us today to schedule a consultation for trenchless sewer services in London, KY.

Before trenchless sewer repair and replacement became available, fixing or replacing your sewer line meant digging up your front yard to expose the sewer line underneath and having to wait one or two weeks for the job to get done. Not only is this a messy and stressful process, but it also leaves you with the additional cost of having to repair the damage done to your landscaping and property.

Now, you can avoid this hassle thanks to trenchless technology. Kentucky Climate Control offers fast, high-quality trenchless sewer line repair and replacement services for homeowners throughout London, KY and the surrounding area.

Call now to book an appointment with our plumbers and find out if trenchless solutions are the right fit for your particular sewer line problem.

What to Expect From Our Trenchless Sewer Services

Before we begin the actual sewer repair or replacement job, we will first need to figure out what’s causing your sewer problem in the first place. This is accomplished through a comprehensive video pipe inspection. We will snake a small, high-definition camera through your sewer line to look for the source of damage (pipe decay, leaks, cracks, or blockages).

After we have identified the problem, we will go over the best solution with you. Trenchless solutions will either involve pipe bursting or pipe lining.

Are Trenchless Sewer Solutions Right for Your London, KY Home?

Although trenchless sewer repair and replacement are excellent choices for many homeowners, it might not be a suitable alternative for others.

In order to determine if trenchless services are feasible for your home, we will need to look into a variety of factors: ease of accessing your sewer line, potential obstacles we will have to work around, and the overall condition of your existing sewer line.

If our experts determine that pipe bursting or pipe lining can be completed successfully, we will offer trenchless sewer services as an option for you and go over the details of the process.

Sewer line trouble? Contact Kentucky Climate Control today for immediate help and learn more about our trenchless sewer line repair and replacement services in London, KY.

Benefits of Choosing Trenchless

What makes the trenchless sewer option so attractive to many homeowners is the quick turnaround time and reduced mess involved.

We only need to dig one or two access points to complete the trenchless service, leaving most of your front yard unharmed.

The job also takes significantly less time to complete compared to traditional methods—you can have your sewer system ready to go in just a couple of days with trenchless repair or replacement.

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