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Air Quality Testing in London, KY

Get to the bottom of your indoor air quality problem once and for all! Call Kentucky Climate Control for professional air quality testing in London, KY.

The air in our homes is often up to five times worse than what you’ll find outside. This is because we only have a limited area for air to circulate within our homes. A lack of air exchange makes it easier for airborne contaminants and pollutants to affect the health of your household.

If you have sensitive household members who have asthma, allergies, or chronic respiratory issues, a poor indoor environment will only make things worse. What’s more, poor indoor air quality can also result in dry skin, scratchy throats, and constant runny or stuffy noses.

Help your family breathe more easily and enjoy improved indoor air quality with professional solutions from your local London HVAC experts at Kentucky Climate Control. We offer comprehensive air quality testing services throughout London, KY.

Give us a call today to schedule immediate air quality testing for your home!

What to Expect from Our Air Quality Testing Services

Your indoor air quality issue can come from various sources. Common sources include off-gassing and high indoor humidity levels. A professional air quality test will help you pinpoint the exact problem affecting your household. Common problems include mold, formaldehyde, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Once the results of the test are in, our London air quality testers will help you analyze the findings and discuss your next steps for alleviating the problem. Many homeowners opt for whole-house air cleaners, UV air sanitizers, and other filtration/purification systems.

An indoor air quality test by our London HVAC pros can take several hours to complete. The exact timeframe will depend on the size of your home and the amount of samples needed. Results from the test are typically ready in a few days.

What are the Benefits of Air Quality Testing?

By taking the time to have your home tested for airborne pollutants, you will find out which irritants are affecting your household. This will then allow you to narrow down which indoor air quality solution best meets your needs and let you know whether you should install an air cleaner, dehumidifier, UV air sanitizer, or other air treatment system.

Our indoor air quality specialists will be with you through every step of the testing process, from analyzing the test results to helping you navigate your options for whole-home air treatment.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, healthier indoor environment! Contact us today to schedule immediate air quality testing services in London, KY.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots With Air Duct Sealing

If your home is suffering from poor air quality, you may notice the following:

Common causes of poor indoor air quality include clogged AC or furnace filters (this is why regular filter replacement is so important), as well as the materials that were used to construct your home. Our London HVAC experts can help you identify the source of your problem and present you with the best course of action.

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