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Commercial Plumbing Services in London, KY

Need immediate help with a commercial plumbing problem? Contact your local experts from Kentucky Climate Control for high-quality commercial plumbing solutions in London, KY.

An unexpected plumbing problem can disrupt normal business operations and turn customers away. Don’t let a clogged drain or a pipe leak prevent you from running your business efficiently. Contact the qualified London KY plumbers at Kentucky Climate Control for the fast solutions you need. We offer a full range of plumbing services for businesses throughout London, KY and the surrounding area.

Give us a call today to schedule commercial plumbing repairs, installations, or maintenance services in your area.

Work With the Preferred Commercial Plumbers in London, KY

Whether you are looking to replace deteriorating pipes throughout your building, or it’s time to have your backflow prevention assembly tested, our London KY plumbing experts have all of your commercial plumbing needs covered. Expect honest service and quality solutions when you work with our London, KY commercial plumbing contractors.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Installation

Reduce the amount of food waste in your kitchen with a commercial garbage disposal. Contact us, your trusted London KY plumbers, for help selecting and installing your new equipment. We will go over your options and help you choose a garbage disposal that best meets your demands.

Backflow Prevention

Commercial buildings throughout London, KY are required to have a working backflow prevention assembly installed. Yearly testing and inspections are necessary to help ensure that your backflow prevention device continues to work efficiently so our community’s clean water supply isn’t compromised.

Avoid penalties and service interruptions by having backflow testing completed on time with help from our certified London, KY backflow testers.

Plumbing Maintenance Plans for Commercial Customers

The most effective way to avoid plumbing emergencies is to have your plumbing system maintained by a qualified London KY plumber on a regular basis.

At Kentucky Climate Control we offer commercial customers annual plumbing service agreements that include routine inspections, repairs, and tune-ups to help ensure the continued health and efficiency of your plumbing system. Contact our London KY plumbers today to learn more about our annual service agreements.

Kentucky Climate Control is committed to delivering the best plumbing solutions. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and schedule immediate commercial plumbing services in London, KY.

Keep Your Drains Clear With London KY Commercial Drain Cleaning and Hydro Jetting

Businesses in the food and hospitality industries, in particular, can’t have unexpected drain problems disrupt their service. This is why regular drain maintenance is such a crucial part of your overall plumbing maintenance plan.

Our London KY plumbing experts at Kentucky Climate Control can help you keep your drains flowing efficiently with grease trap pumping, routine drain clearing, and hydro jetting services.

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