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Backflow Prevention & Testing in London, KY

Does your home need a backflow prevention assembly? Contact our experts for help with system installations, repairs, and testing in London, KY.

If your property is required to have a backflow prevention assembly, you will need to make sure your system is tested annually. You will typically receive a reminder in the mail about 45 days before the test report is due. Make sure your property continues to remain in compliance with municipal requirements and avoid service disruptions with timely backflow prevention testing.

Kentucky Climate Control has certified London, KY backflow testers who can help you with all of your backflow prevention needs. We offer system installations, replacements, and repairs, as well as annual testing and inspections.

Reach out today to schedule immediate backflow prevention services in London, KY or the surrounding area.

What is Backflow? How Does It Occur?

Backflow is the result of backpressure or backsiphonage, both of which can occur when the water pressure between your system and the city’s main water line experiences an imbalance.

In both cases, contaminated water can flow into the city’s potable water supply and result in water quality issues for your surrounding community.

This is why it’s so important to have a properly operating backflow prevention assembly in place (if your property is required to have one). Avoid causing greater harm and damage by making sure your system undergoes timely testing and repaired or replaced when necessary by only the qualified backflow specialists in London KY – the London KY plumbers!

Call Our London, KY Backflow Prevention Professionals Today

Routine backflow testing will normally take no more than half an hour if no existing problems are found. Our certified London, KY backflow testers will carefully inspect your equipment for leaks and other issues, and carry out any necessary repairs or replacements. We will then note the results of the service on the test report and submit it to the county.

Contact us today to schedule your next backflow test in London, KY.

Is Your London, KY Home Required to Have Backflow Prevention Installed?

Commercial buildings and multi-family residential properties are required to have backflow prevention assemblies in place. These types of properties feature fire suppression systems, commercial boiler systems, and other equipment that have the potential to cause cross-connections with the municipal water line.

Single-family homes are also required to install backflow prevention assemblies if there are lawn sprinklers or other irrigation systems on the property. If you use an outdoor faucet to water your lawn, you may also need to set up a backflow prevention system, particularly if your property is older.

If your home currently doesn’t have a backflow prevention assembly in place and you are required to have one, contact our London KY plumbing experts for professional installation. Our London KY plumbers will supply you with approved equipment that meets municipal requirements, and ensure that your new system is installed safely.

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