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Electrical Outlet Installation & Replacement in London, KY

Get your electrical outlets replaced or installed safely with help from our experts. Contact us today to schedule immediate service in London, KY.

Looking for an electrical professional in your area who can help you with outlet installations or replacements? Our experts at Kentucky Climate Control are committed to providing the best electrical solutions in London, KY and the surrounding area.

Whether you need to install electrical outlets for a new construction or you’re looking to replace outdated outlets in your home, we’re here to help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

The typical home these days will have multiple major appliances and electrical equipment running simultaneously. If you live in an older home with an outdated electrical system, it may have trouble meeting your increased electrical demands. This can then result in overloaded outlets and put your property at risk of catching fire.

If your electrical outlet has suffered from overload and is burned or melted, don’t try to use it again—this will lead to arcing, which can cause a fire. Call your local electrician to have the problem inspected and your outlets replaced.

Give us a call today for immediate outlet installation or replacement services in London, KY.

Still Have Two-Prong Outlets? You May Need to Replace Them

If you live in an older property, chances are you might still have old two-prong outlets installed. These outlets lack a grounding wire. Grounding wires are designed to keep your electrical equipment and appliances safe from power surges and to prevent accidental electrocutions.

Although two-prong outlets are outdated, they do not pose any building code violations and can continue to be used safely as long as your electrical system is properly maintained. However, there is still the risk of power surges that can put the safety of your household and your belongings in danger.

This is why homeowners with older electrical systems are encouraged to replace their outlets with three-prong or GFCI outlets when possible. If you are planning on undertaking a major home remodel or renovation, this is the perfect time to upgrade your electrical outlets as well.

Contact Our London, KY Electricians Today

Whether you need to update your home with three-prong outlets, or you need to install new GFCI outlets or another type of outlet to better accommodate your electrical demands, our experts at Kentucky Climate Control are here to provide you with safe, quality solutions.

Leave your outlet installation and replacement needs to us and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve! Call now to book an appointment with our London, KY electricians.

GFCI Outlet Installations

A GFCI outlet is required in areas of the home where water is present. This includes your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, as well as your garage or pool area.

GFCI outlets are used to help prevent accidental electrocutions. For example, if you are using a hair dryer in the bathroom and it falls into a sink or tub filled with water, the GFCI outlet will automatically trip in response to the sudden change in current.

Contact us today to learn more about installing a GFCI outlet in your London, KY home.

Additional Outlets We Can Help You Install

The typical homeowner uses a variety of devices, appliances, and equipment daily. We can help you fit your home with special outlets to accommodate your specific needs. Some of the types of outlets we can install for you include:

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