Air Duct Sealing Solutions in London, KY

High utility bills and poor indoor air quality may be caused by leaks in your ductwork. Call Kentucky Climate Control to learn more about your options for London KY air duct sealing. Serving London, KY and surrounding areas.

A leak in your duct system can result in a significant amount of air loss (in some cases, up to 30 percent). This can eventually lead to high utility bills, inefficient heating, and poor indoor air quality.

Our London KY HVAC experts at Kentucky Climate Control are prepared to help you solve your air duct problems for good. We offer professional air duct sealing and insulation services throughout the London, KY area.

Reach out today to discuss your ductwork issues and find out if air sealing is the right solution for your home.

When is Air Duct Sealing Recommended?

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, there might be a problem in your ductwork that requires immediate attention. Contact our London KY HVAC pros to book an appointment for air duct inspections. Our London KY heating and air conditioning experts will identify the source of your HVAC problem and determine if air duct sealing is necessary.

Call Now to Work With the Preferred HVAC Experts in London, KY

Kentucky Climate Control is committed to helping you achieve total home comfort through exceptional workmanship and service. Our London KY heating and air experts will take the time to inspect your HVAC problem, present you with the best options, and ensure that you receive the results you deserve.

Contact the London KY HVAC experts today to schedule an estimate for air duct sealing and insulation in London, KY.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots With Air Duct Sealing

Wondering why certain rooms feel less warm or cool compared to the rest of your home? Hot and cold spots are often caused by leaking ducts and airflow problems.

Here is a quick and easy way to determine if hot or cold spots are being caused by leaking air ducts as tip from your London KY HVAC techs: Hold your hand up to the grille in the affected room—do you notice anything unusual about the airflow? If the airflow in the room feels weaker than the airflow in other rooms, or there is no air coming out at all, there is a good chance you’ve got a leak in the ductwork.

Quality Air Duct Sealing Solutions for Your London, KY Home

Professional air duct sealing from your London KY HVAC specialists will provide your ductwork with the necessary insulation, minimize air loss, and allow you to enjoy greater indoor comfort as well as more consistent temperatures.

There are several ways to complete the air duct sealing process, and the best approach for your home will depend on your particular situation. Our London KY HVAC experts will assess your needs and present you with a custom air sealing solution designed to target the problem areas affecting your home.

Depending on your specific needs, your air sealing solution could involve wrapping fiberglass insulation around exposed ductwork, or it could involve using patented technology to seal your ducts from the inside. Our London KY HVAC pros will make sure you receive the most accurate solutions based on your needs.

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