Water Softener Installations in London, KY

Eliminate hard water problems for good! Contact Kentucky Climate Control for whole-home water softener installation services in London, KY.

Hard water is a common issue affecting many properties throughout southeastern Kentucky. While this won’t harm your health, it does pose a daily inconvenience. You may have a hard time washing the dishes or experience frequent scaling in your plumbing lines and water appliances.

Get rid of hard water issues effectively with a whole-home water softener. Our London KY plumbing experts at Kentucky Climate Control can help you through the installation process and make sure your new equipment is set up safely and efficiently.

Call now to schedule an in-home estimate for water softener installation in London, KY or surrounding areas.

What are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Whole-home water softeners can help you avoid a number of problems, including low water pressure, dry/itchy skin and hair, scale buildup in your appliances, and dull-looking clothes.

Let our London KY plumbing experts help you install a new water softener so you can start enjoying the following benefits:

Should You Install a Water Softener or Water Conditioner?

Water softeners aren’t the only solution to treating hard water. You can also opt for water conditioners (the salt-free alternative). Water conditioners require less maintenance and are a popular choice for many homeowners.

However, if you are looking to effectively and efficiently eliminate mineral ions from your water supply, water softeners are the ideal solution. Unlike water conditioners (which will treat but won’t remove mineral ions), water softeners will leave your water free of abrasive minerals to provide you with long-term peace of mind.

Contact us today to request an estimate with our London water softener installation or replacement in London, KY.

Preparing Your Home for Water Softener Installation

Our London KY plumbing experts will handle every step of the installation process, from providing your plumbing system with the necessary upgrades to ensuring the efficiency of your new water softening equipment.

If your home was built recently, you may already have a water softener loop. This will help expedite the water softener installation process. Older homes, on the other hand, may need to install additional bypass valves and pipes.

No matter your plumbing situation, our team of London KY plumbers will help you complete the installation without hassle.

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