Circuits & Wiring Inspection & Repair in London, KY

Installing a major appliance? Make sure your electrical system is able to meet the demands of your new water heater, generator, or other large appliance. Call Kentucky Climate Control to make an appointment for circuit and wiring inspections or repairs in London, KY.

Your home’s wiring plays a crucial part in helping you get through your daily routine. If your current wiring is incorrectly sized or was poorly installed, it will have trouble accommodating your appliances and electrical devices.

At Kentucky Climate Control we are committed to providing you with quality electrical solutions. Our licensed London, KY electricians are equipped to help with all of your circuit and wiring needs, including system inspections and repairs.

Whether you need immediate electrical repair or you want to make sure your system is able to meet the greater demands of a new appliance installation, our electricians are here to help you achieve total peace of mind.

Call Now for Safe and Effective Circuit/Wiring Solutions in London, KY

An issue with your circuits or wiring can potentially lead to major damage or personal injury. If you suspect an issue with your electrical system, contact our experts as soon as possible to have the issue safely resolved. Our team at Kentucky Climate Control is available to answer your calls 24/7.

Your safety and peace of mind are always our top priorities. We will provide you with careful system inspections and present you with an honest solution. If wiring repair or upgrades are recommended, you will receive an upfront project estimate and presented with all of the information you need to make the best decision for your home.

Contact our electricians today to schedule immediate circuit and wiring inspections or repairs in London, KY.

Is Rewiring Needed for Your London, KY Home?

Properties constructed before the 1960s may still have original wiring installed. If you live in an older home, it may still feature knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, or a fuse box. These older systems are not necessarily a cause for concern and don’t pose a code violation; in many cases, you can continue to use older electrical systems without a problem if your home is properly maintained.

But if you need to install a large appliance or other electrical equipment (such as a home backup generator, tankless water heater, or other heavy-duty systems), you will need to enlist the help of your electrician for circuit and wiring inspection, since an electrical upgrade may be necessary.

Older electrical systems aren’t properly equipped to handle the demands of today’s appliances and devices. With the majority of homeowners now relying on dishwashers, washing machines, furnaces, air conditioners, and other demanding systems, a full electrical upgrade will need to be carried out to ensure your continued safety and comfort.

If you are starting to notice problems such as frequently tripped circuit breakers, dimming or flickering lights when another appliance is running, or burnt electrical outlets, chances are you’ve got an outdated electrical system that requires upgrading. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an immediate inspection.

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