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Ceiling Fan Installation in London, KY

Upgrade the look of your home with a professionally installed ceiling fan. Call Kentucky Climate Control today to schedule an estimate for ceiling fan installation in London, KY.

Are you looking for a convenient, cost-effective way to cool and dehumidify your home during the hot summer months? Consider adding ceiling fans to your living room or bedrooms. Ceiling fans cost less to operate compared to your standard AC system and provide effective humidity control as well.

Our experts at Kentucky Climate Control provide professional ceiling fan installation services throughout London, KY and surrounding areas. We can help you complete the following:

Give us a call today to discuss your needs and book an immediate appointment for quality ceiling fan installation or replacement in London, KY.

Why Work With Our Experts?

Are you wondering if you should take on ceiling fan installation yourself as a DIY job? While more skilled homeowners may be able to complete the job properly, we still recommend enlisting the help of a licensed electrician no matter your skill level.

An experienced professional will be able to alert you to potential problems or complications with your existing electrical system and have them resolved for you without hassle. Working with an expert will also eliminate any guesswork involved, ensuring that your new ceiling fan is installed safely and properly supported.

What to Expect During the Ceiling Fan Installation Process

You can count on our experts to provide you with a safe and accurate installation. After shutting off the appropriate circuit breaker, we will remove your existing light fixture or ceiling fan and access the electrical box.

If you don’t have an existing ceiling fan already in place, the current electrical box won’t be able to handle the movement and weight of your new fan. What we can do in this case is replace your old electrical box with a larger one or provide the new fan with additional support by installing joist hangers.

Contact us today to request an estimate for ceiling fan installation or replacement in London, KY.

Contact Our London, KY Electricians Today for Quality Ceiling Fan Installation

Kentucky Climate Control is your local electrical company with experts who are always looking out for your best interest. Whether you need to replace an old ceiling fan or this is your first time adding a ceiling fan to your home, our team is prepared to provide you with the quality solution you need.

When you work with us, you can expect an honest and transparent experience from start to finish. We will always alert you to any potential problems and provide you with straightforward recommendations on how to best approach your electrical concern.

Our goal is to ensure that your electrical project is completed safely and accurately. All of our services are guaranteed to comply with code and safety requirements, so you can enjoy the benefits of your new ceiling fan without hassle for years to come!

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