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Water Leak Detection Services in London, KY

Track down hidden leaks accurately with professional leak detection from our experts at Kentucky Climate Control. Call now to book an appointment for noninvasive leak detection in London, KY.

Do you live in an older home that was built over 50 years ago? It’s a good idea to look over your plumbing system, particularly your water lines. Older pipes may be damaged, leaking, or decaying and will need attention as soon as possible.

Kentucky Climate Control offers professional leak detection in London, KY and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule immediate service.

Signs You Need to Have Your London, KY Home Checked for Leaks

Leaks often develop out of our line of sight—in most cases within your walls or ceiling. Many homeowners who come to us for help often weren’t aware that they had a leak until days or weeks later (when the ceiling started to develop stains or a severely corroded pipe unexpectedly burst).

Although it can be hard to notice leaks behind your walls or ceiling, there are warning signs that can alert you to the problem before more serious damage occurs.

If you think your home is concealing a leak, don’t hesitate to call on our London, KY plumbers for immediate assistance. We will help you confirm the location of the leak and have the problem resolved before further issues develop.

The Importance of Early Leak Detection

A leak in your water line shouldn’t be treated like a faucet leak. Leaks in your water line not only drive up your water bill, but they also have the potential to cause structural damage and mold problems. This is why hidden leaks need to be tracked down and repaired as soon as you notice anything unusual.

Find hidden leaks before more serious problems develop. Call Kentucky Climate Control today to schedule accurate leak detection services in London, KY.

What to Expect During the Leak Detection Process

At Kentucky Climate Control we only use noninvasive methods to look for hidden leaks. The first thing we, your trusty London KY plumbers, will do when we arrive is locate your water line system. Once we know where your pipes are running, we will begin the leak detection process.

Our leak detection methods include acoustic and infrared technology.

Acoustic leak detectors rely on sound to track down hidden leaks. The area near the affected pipe will typically emit a louder sound, which will be captured using acoustic equipment.

Infrared cameras are often used with acoustic technology to provide more accurate service. Infrared cameras are designed to pinpoint leaks through water temperature and water movement.

Once the London KY plumbers know where the leak is located and have a clearer idea of the extent of the problem, we will explain the situation to you and discuss your options for pipe repair or replacement.

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