Commercial HVAC Services in London, KY

Looking for a reliable HVAC partner who can help with all of your commercial heating and cooling needs? Contact your local experts from Kentucky Climate Control and schedule your next commercial HVAC service in London, KY.

Whether you manage a commercial building, own a small business, or plan to begin a new commercial construction project, we can help you with HVAC system installations, replacements, and repairs.

Kentucky Climate Control proudly serves the heating and cooling needs of businesses in London, KY and the surrounding area. We offer a full range of commercial HVAC services and solutions tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Give us a call today to schedule an estimate for commercial HVAC installation or repair services in your area.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions in London, KY

The last thing you need to deal with is an unexpected HVAC problem. Inefficient heating and cooling equipment can quickly result in decreased indoor comfort and affect your staff and customers.

Don’t let an HVAC emergency waste any more of your time—contact our experts for immediate service. Our team is prepared to deliver the solution you need. We can help you install, repair, and maintain the following:

When you contact our experts at Kentucky Climate Control, you can count on us to provide you with the right solution at the best value. We won’t waste your time—expect on-time arrivals, custom solutions, and quality results guaranteed.

Commercial Refrigeration

Businesses in the food industry can’t risk unexpected breakdowns in their cooling equipment. If you are experiencing problems with your refrigeration equipment, contact our experts for immediate repair, replacement, or installation services. We have all of your commercial refrigeration needs covered!

Food manufacturers, restaurants, and other food service businesses rely on us for fast, high-quality refrigeration solutions. We can provide you with a variety of high-performing refrigeration equipment (including freezers and commercial refrigerators) to keep your products fresh and safe.

Contact us today to schedule immediate HVAC installation or repair services for your commercial property in London, KY.

HVAC Chiller Installation and Repair for Your London, KY Business

Many commercial facilities will have an HVAC chiller, which is used to cool your equipment or the building. There are different types of HVAC chillers available, with the vapor-compression chiller being the most commonly installed.

HVAC chillers are often set up on the roof or in the basement. Rooftop chillers operate similarly to standard AC units; both pass air through a condenser to direct heat away. Basement chillers, on the other hand, will often rely on a water tower for cooling.

If you are building out a new commercial property and need to install an HVAC chiller, our team will help you plan and design the perfect cooling system for your new facility. We will determine the best chiller for your property based on your specific needs and make sure your new equipment is installed efficiently.

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